2 Tracks from Talib Kweli: 1 New + 1 Classic

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Talib Kweli is underground rappers who made it to the mainstream world by working his way up. He's got a album a new album collaborating with Hi-Tek, which together makes Reflection Eternal. My buddy Nick Dier back in school introduced me to Reflection Eternal, and in essence Talib Kweli, and I was hooked ever since. So Talib and Hi-Tek are back together and are finally releasing their second album, Revolutions Per Minute on May 18th. First up I've got a classic Talib track from his first album Quality that everyone should hear and have in their music collection, 'Get By'.

Get By – Talib Kweli | Download

03 Get By

Next up is a track from Talib and Hi-Tek's most recent mixtape, but I saw the track on the upcoming album's tracklist. So I'm assuming this track is going to be redone, but here's the original. It features J. Cole, Jay Electronica, and Mos Def

Just Begun – Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek ft. J. Cole, Jay Electronica, & Mos Def | Download

Just Begun 1

Pre-Order Revolutions Per Minute via iTunes Here