Listen To 231 Episodes Of Pretty Lights’ Famous Radio Show, The HOT Sh*t

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One of the most prolific homegrown radio shows in electronic music was undoubtedly Pretty Lights‘ regular show, The HOT Sh*t. The series would feature a new mix each episode, and often a guest mix from talented and likeminded artist like Break Science, Big Wild, Cherub, CloZee, and Manic Focus (just to name a couple).

While the show’s episodes used to all be hosted on SoundCloud, they’ve since been taken down due to unknown reasons. You can still find a decent amount of them on Mixcloud, but those looking for specific episodes may still be searching. We have some great news for those who have been looking for the extended jam sessions from Pretty Lights and friends.

We’ve come across a Google Drive link that contains almost every single episode of The HOT Sh*t, labeled properly, dating back to 2012. Whoever found and uploaded all of these deserves to be in the Internet hall of fame.

You can find a link to all the uploaded episodes here—and yes, they are all available to download. Enjoy!