Going Deeper: 25 More Artists That Will Seal Your Love For House Music


Okay, so you made it to the end of our ‘25 Artists That Will Convert You To House Music‘ feature, and you’re itching for more. In fact, you’re not just itching, you are straight up craving more house beats to dance around your living room to. We get it. As a certified house-head, this genre has essentially consumed my life. The upside to this is that I’ve been able to dig deep and uncover some of my favorite artists of all time.

With round two of our house music feature, we’re going to dive deeper into the seemingly endless world of house and techno. These next 25 artists are some of my personal favorites. As with the previous post, these artists are sorted by the easiest to hop into, with some of the more left-field artists near the end.

You’ve dipped your toes in, now let’s jump in. Here’s 25 more artists that will seal your love for house music:

Gorgon City 

Gorgon City are a house music staple. The celebrated duo can tap into their pop persona and release albums like Escape, or they can get down and dirty with their club-focused tracks off their REALM imprint. “Lick Shot” is one from the latter. 

Hot Since 82 

Widely recognized as one of the best house DJs in the world, Hot Since 82 is a force in the studio as well. His sound taps into the driving basslines of tech house, but his tracks are fleshed out with deep melodies and atmospheric grooves.

Lee Foss

Lee Foss won us over back in 2012 with his Hot Natured project (along with Jamie Jones), and has been championing a cutting-edge tech house sound with his solo work and his premiere Repopulate Mars label. This collab with Chris Lake shows just how much energy he can inject into a track.


Bonobo may not be exclusively a house producer, but if you’ve been to any of his DJ sets, you know he can bring the heat. Tracks like “Outlier,” give him a sure-fire spot on this list. 


These two dudes from Manchester know exactly how to ignite a dance floor. There’s a reason why they’re headlining weekly parties in one of Ibiza’s biggest clubs this season alongside CamelPhat and FISHER. Solardo can unleash massive weapons like “XTC” and there’s simply no stopping the energy in their music. 


The duo from London, England has perhaps one of the smoothest deep house sounds in the entire game. As amazing producers as they are, they’re even better DJs, and have also managed to curate a unique sound over at their exclusive record label, 17 Steps. 

Rodriguez Jr. 

Rodriguez Jr. is a master of thick, trippy melodies. The synths and instruments he uses in his tracks are so lush and deep. Everything he makes feels full and cohesive.


If you’re a fan of glorious piano chords and vocal cuts that will stick in your head for months, MK is your man. Marc Kinchen is in fact the most seasoned producer on this list, with house records dating back to 1989. He remains a legend and continues to tour as one of the most coveted acts in house today.

Josh Butler

One of the best in the business. Josh Butler has found his groove with an amazing discography full of deep, minimal techy tunes that will knock your socks off. He’s been on nearly every trailblazing record label that matters, and is probably your favorite producer’s favorite producer.

DJ Seinfeld 

One of the dons of the lo-fi movement happening right now, DJ Seinfeld’s music has a certain nostalgic charm to it that’s hard to place. His clever sampling and sound design will keep you hooked, wondering what he’ll try and do next. 

Jamie Jones 

Jamie Jones is tech house royalty overseas. His label, Hot Creations, is perhaps the most sought after place to land a release for a house producer, and his DJ sets are simply legendary. The lovable house maestro always has a smile on his face, and his energy is as infectious as anybody’s. He’s perhaps known most for his remixes, but his originals slap just as hard.

Michael Bibi 

Michael Bibi has one of the most distinct sounds when it comes to tech house. He’s got certain sound signatures that you just cannot mistake. Piercing kick drums, left-field vocal sampling, and calculated basslines are all sure signs of a Bibi track. Just listen to the way he flips this “Hanging Tree” song from the Hunger Games.

Oona Dahl 

Oona’s music will put you into a tranquil dream-state. She’s earned her respect from DJs all over the world for her annual mind-blowing sets at Burning Man and her original music comes via respected deep house labels like Anjunadeep and Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream. Everything about Oona is intriguing, and we urge you to check her out. 

Billy Kenny 

Billy Kenny exploded in the states for his releases on labels such as DIRTYBIRD and his own, This Ain’t Bristol. He’s also famously done open to close tours, playing club sets for a minimum of 5 hours. His chops behind the decks are amazing, showcasing technical skills by hopping in and out of whatever genre he pleases.


The mind behind the “make it rain, girl” track that took the world by storm back in 2017, Yaeji is building a unique musical discography. She’s not exclusively a house producer, but it’s definitely our favorite form of her style. 

Riva Starr 

There’s one dude who can combine disco and tech house like no other, and it’s Riva Starr. Riva has managed to find the perfect middle ground between the two subgenres. Try and not dance to his brilliant tune “Piknik.” 

Mall Grab 

Mall Grab recent explosion in the house and techno scene is showing us how versatile he can really be. He first caught our attention from his deep, lo-fi bangers like this one below, but as of recently he’s been branching out into intense genres like techno and electro.


OMNOM has got some of the thickest sounding 808s. It’s no surprise he’s fit right in with DIRTYBIRD and their affiliates. For the best results, slap OMNOM’s remix of Kyle Watson’s “You Boy” in your car (or any system with heavy bass), and see exactly what we’re talking about. 

Phlegmatic Dogs 

This duo from Moscow is perhaps our favorite act that consistently releases on AC Slater’s Night Bass. Their sound hones in on finely designed crunchy synths and rolling bass lines that simply drive dance floors wild. Their recent remix for Volac encapsulates their ingenuity.


Another Night Bass mainstay, Kendoll rocks some floor-shaking bass-house. Her style draws some influences from garage and even some drum ‘n’ bass, which leads to some insane synth leads. Just listen to “Stop Calling Me.”

Honey Dijon 

Honey Dijon is a Chicago house legend. She’s been a heavy hitter in the house and techno scene, and her sound traverses many subgenres. For example, if she wants to throw down some banging disco like on her remix of Fiorious’s “I’m Not Defeated,” she does it. Plain and simple. 

Desert Hearts Crew

Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porky make up the fun-loving Desert Hearts Crew, a squad that focuses on the mantra “House, Techno, Love.” These four are most known for curating wild, carefree vibes through their music, and each bring a different style to the table. The ringleader, Mikey Lion, put out this huge track with RYBO just a couple years back.


With his productions dating back to 1996, OXIA has become a master at his craft. His sound has a unique blend of deep, mind-altering melodies and firm bass lines that have just enough bounce to them. His most famous track, “Domino” has an iconic melody that may sound familiar to you.

Four Tet 

Perhaps one of the most gifted producers in electronic music, Four Tet has crafted his own genre of music that revolves around four on the floor rhythms, allowing us to add him to this list. His latest studio album, New Energy, features some of the most innovative, spine tingling music we’ve ever heard. Here’s one of our favorites: