3LAU Releases 10 Track Mashup / Remix Album Ft. DJ Snake, ODESZA, Major Lazer & More : Dance Floor Filth 5  [Free Download]

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TSIS regularly featured progressive and electro house producer 3LAU has made his name in recent years through highly succecsful original singles, but his initial roots were from his hyped Dance Floor Filth mixtape series. We've premiered a few in the series and are excited to bring you Volume 5. Featuring 7 mashups, 2 remixes and an original, this is unlike the previous installments and one of the biggest yet.

Featuring songs by heavy hitters such as Justin Bieber, ODESZA, Adele, and Major Lazer to name a few, 3LAU manages to masterfully meld songs that are entirely different from one another into a beautiful singular unit for a medley of pop, indie, and electronic hits. He also released a remix of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" along with an original collaboration with Lazer Lazer Lazer titled "HSTFU." 

Listen to the whole project below and grab a free download. enjoy!

3LAU – Dance Floor Filth 5 |

Dance Floor 5th re