4 More Real Chill K’naan Songs

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Due to popular request I've got four new K'naan songs to fill all your chill hip-hop needs. It's hard to beat the instant classic  Take A Minute as posted earlier, but I've got a couple i'm sure you're going to enjoy and you should really listen to all 4. First up is another instant classic called "15 Minutes Away" and it is off his latest album Troubadour which can be purchased anywhere including iTunes.

K'naan – 15 Minutes Away | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download


These next couple are taken from his older 2005 release The Dusty Foot Philosopher which has a overall different feel compared to his newer release. This first track off his older album is called If Rap Gets Jealous, which has a far more serious tone then others, it starts a little slow but wait until about 1:15 and it turns into a very sick track.

K'naan – If Rap Gets Jealous Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download

09 – If Rap Gets Jealous

This next track off of the 2005 release and has one of the sickest beats I've come across in awhile. His voice in this track is distinctly different very angry and more serious. Give it a try and listen more then a couple seconds as the beat is sooo sick.

K'naan – Smile| Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download


Lastly we've got an all around happy song which has alot of emotion and is fast paced. It almost sounds like the group who composed the lion king soundtrack decided to start producing hip-hop, haha. Well I know this one isn't gonna be everyone, but you have to listen to the whole song to hear how sick it is. If you can get to the part where K'naan is laying down some lines it is soo sick, only way to put it. Let me know your thoughts on these tracks guys. Enjoy!

K'naan – In The Beginning | Stream Only

In The Beginning