8 Videos from Rustie’s Long-Awaited Comeback Show in Glasgow


On December 2, Rustie, one of electronic music’s most enigmatic and sought-after producers, returned to play his first show in five years. The show took place on his home turf in Glasgow, at a venue called Sub Club.

In the past, Rustie had stepped away from his music career to deal with problems regarding addiction and mental health. While these sorts of issues are paramount, there was always a Rustie-sized hole in the music scene that sorely missed his exuberant creativity.

If you need a memory refresher, Rustie was the mastermind of tracks like “Slasherr,” “Big Catzz“, and “Attak” with Danny Brown. In 2015, he released the album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, which was his last body of work.

Rustie’s return prompted comments from even the most respected electronic producers like G Jones, who was “waiting very patiently” for people to “post videos from the Rustie show.” We’re thrilled to be able to share a collection of videos that were uploaded on social media that give us a glimpse of the homecoming show.

Below, you can check out X videos from Rustie’s show in Glasgow from this past weekend. Enjoy!

best clip of Triadzz yet (the “ay” chant is enough to bring tears to a man’s eyes) pic.twitter.com/hJArTYb3Sp

— peter (@merritttweets) December 4, 2022


— amber leith (@amberleith) December 5, 2022


— amber leith (@amberleith) December 5, 2022


— amber leith (@amberleith) December 5, 2022


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