9 Things You’ll Find In Big Gigantic’s Studio

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As close as we’ve been following Big Gigantic for the majority of their career, we’ve yet to take a look at what tools they use to create. That, however, ends today, as Dominic Lalli, the producer behind Big G, has given us a virtual tour of his arsenal of studio weapons. We’re stoked to have him as our fourth guest for our new gear series, 9 Things You’ll Find In The Studio.

Dom let us take a peek at his two main saxophones, a couple of go-to synths, some beastly studio monitors, and more. He also describes which instruments/tools he uses for what exactly.

Check out the list of what Dom uses in the studio below. Enjoy!

1. Dave Smith Instruments OB-6

I use this awesome synth for soft synths and leads and arpeggios on pretty much every song. 

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2. Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 + DJM-900NXS2

Use these for fun to take a break from producing and to test out songs in the mix and lots of times I get cool ideas from just mixing songs together.

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2

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3. Selmer Mark Vi Tenor Sax + Buffet Alto Sax

Definitely my main go to weapons in the studio. A lot of times I just practice my sax for a while before I even start working on writing and producing. Its a great way for me to personally clear my mind and stay in the moment and keep my creativity at an all time high.

4. AKAI MPK249

I use this as my main midi controller to perform all of the midi stuff like keys/piano type of stuff or when I’m playing parts into one of my songs.

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5. Barefoot MicroMain 27

Amazing studio monitors. Huge upgrade for me from my previous monitors, although I like to test out the songs to make sure they sound good on all different types of monitors.


6. Nueman U87

This is a really great microphone that I use this to  vocals or sax or anything really!

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7. MacBook Pro

The only computer I have in the studio. 

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8. Apollo x4

My audio unit of choice for many years now.

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9. VSTs: Massive, Serum, Saturn, Izotope

I make most of the other synth and bass sounds with Massive and Serum. Saturn I use a lot— it’s a saturator. Then I use Izotope Ozone, RX, Vocal Synth. Izotope makes a bunch of dope stuff and I actually mastered Brighter Future with Ozone and I’m going to be using that to master all of my upcoming releases as well.


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Saturn Fab Filter

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Izotope Ozone 8

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