9 Things You’ll Find In Gryffin’s Studio

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Last week, we launched our new series where we take a deep dive into our favorite artists’ studios. Whether they have a fully-equipped professional studio or just a modest setup, we’re taking a look at their creative habitats. What are their favorite instruments? What VSTs are they using to hone their sound? What’s that one item that keeps them focused through a long session? We’re answering all these questions and more in our new gear-based editorial series, 9 Things You’ll Find In The Studio.

gryffin studio

Today, we’re linking up with Gryffin, an artist we’ve followed since his earliest beginnings. Being a multi-instrumentalist as well as a great producer, we were eager to see what types of toys and instruments he used to create his sound like on his latest release “Safe With Me.”

Below you will find a list of 9 different things you can always find in the studio of Gryffin, along with links to purchase the items. Enjoy!

1. Omnisphere

It’s my go-to-synth for sparking creative ideas immediately. Really cool pluck/bell/synth sounds, and I just always enjoy using it on my productions.

$479 at AMAZON $479 at Guitar Center


2. Fender Stratocaster


The first guitar I ever bought, and I still use it on nearly every production to this day. I always try to create a certain brightness and optimistic feel to my productions, and the Fender Strat always has the right kind of bite for what I try to accomplish.

$699 at AMAZON $1449 at Guitar Center


3. Dave Smith Prophet II

A newer addition to my production, the bass and pad tones are so lush and warm, and I’m loving the fullness of the analog synth. Sounds great right out of the synth.

$1499 at AMAZON $1499 at Guitar Center


4. u-He Diva


One of my favorite plugins now. The sounds are so rich and detailed. It’s a CPU hog, but it’s worth it for special sounding synthesis.

$179 at Guitar Center $179 at Pluginfox


5. Gibson Les Paul Standard

When I’m looking for fuller bodied guitar tones, the Les Paul is my go to. I love performing with the Les Paul at my live shows. It sounds great and isn’t as loud/noisy as the Fender, because of the humbucker pickups.

$2499 at Guitar Center


6. Soundtoys Suite

Always love using Soundtoys when working with vocals and vocal chops. They have really cool filter/phaser effects, and are great for adding dynamics to a sound.

$229 at Guitar Center $229 at Pluginfox


7. FabFilter Suite

One of my go-to plugs for EQ, Limiting and Saturation. So versatile and sounds great. Use these plugins on every single song I’ve made recently.

$999 at Guitar Center $999 at Pluginfox


8. Waves

Absolutely love Waves. Use it on nearly every step of music making. Vocal editing, processing, guitar compression, synth compression, convolution reverb… It does it all.

349 at Waves


9. Kemper Profiler

My new go-to for guitar tones. Has such a realistic tone and sound for an amp simulator. Amazing for live performance. Hugely upgraded my guitar game once I got the Kemper.

$1700 at Guitar Center