9 Things You’ll Find In Petit Biscuit’s Studio


We’re excited to continue our new gear-focused series with none other than steadily rising French artist Petit Biscuit, an artist we have adored for years. Back in October, he dropped his sophomore studio album Parachute, which was the highly anticipated follow up to 2017’s Presence. Parachute featured much more instrumentation, so we wanted to take a peek at exactly he was using in his studio.

Among a classic Gibson Les Paul and a priceless Cello, Petit Biscuit utilizes a series of pedals and some top-of-the-line synthesizers. You can check out nine things that you’ll find in his studio below. Enjoy!

1. Teenage Engineering OP-1

It’s now pretty usual to see an OP-1 in a studio but it has been a very good partner to sample some weird things with the mic and play with those integrated effects. I love it.

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2. Gibson Les Paul

I’ve now got a bunch of guitars (and a bass) that aren’t tuned the same way. I love to mess around with different tunings, it feels like you’re surprising yourself again and again!

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3. Moog One

It’s one of the last gears that came into the studio! Welcome to my Moog One. It’s a gift that I made to myself when I had finished the composition of Parachute. It’s pretty amazing. I’m now composing some new things and using it 24/7.

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4. Zak Beauvois Photography

I bought a print from one of my photographer friends. His name is Zak Beauvois, someone that I appreciate a lot as a human and artist!! He came with us (my photographer Jonathan Bertin and my videographer Baptiste Cornu) in Iceland and he took this photo when we were there. It reminds me of all the peace that I found there.

Zak Beauvois Website


5. Cello

This one is to remind me where I’ve started from. I started to learn cello when I was 5 and I’ve practiced 13 years long. Now, I feel like I’m too demanding with myself to add it into my own songs but… it’s only a matter of time!

6-9. Various Pedals


I got a full custom pedalboard and love to use it when I’m tired of using textures presets. I’m creating a whole new sound with all these pedals and I can use them with my guitars as well as the OP-1 or Moog One!

Strymon BigSky

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Chase Bliss Dark World

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Chase Bliss Mood

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Strymon Timeline

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