9 Things You’ll Find In Subtronics’ Studio

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Today, ThisSongIsSick is launching a new series where we take a closer look at the creative habitats of some of the artists we love to cover. You never know whether your favorite producer is creating music in a fully-equipped, top-of-the-line recording studio, or perhaps just in their bedroom with their laptop. What are their favorite instruments? What VSTs are they using to hone their sound? What’s that one item that keeps them focused through a long session? We’re answering all these questions and more in our new gear-based editorial series, 9 Things You’ll Find In The Studio.

We have the honor of launching the series with dubstep all-star Subtronics, who shows us an array of different items that he uses to create. The Philly-based artist has some ridiculously cool studio monitors, a stacked glass collection, and perhaps the cutest dog in the bass music community.

Below you will find a list of 9 different things you can always find in the studio of Subtronics, along with links to purchase the items. Enjoy!

1. Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2 + DJM-900NXS2

I use these regularly to practice new routines, transitions, make sure what I plan is feasible with only two arms and time my sets. Sometimes I live stream as well.

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2

$2199 at AMAZON $2199 at Guitar Center


$2047.99 at AMAZON $2199 at Guitar Center


2. MacBook Pro

I use both Apple and PC but this laptop is my primary production computer. I travel with it so if i want to tweak mixdowns on planes I can do so, especially when I have multiple shows in one weekend. If I want to change a set or add and remove songs I can do so right away. I fully recognize PC would be a better option, especially considering my PC is far more powerful, I just hate PC laptops (from experience).

$2199 at AMAZON $2399 at Guitar Center


3. Ellie

Ellie provides moral support.

(Not for sale)

4. Barefoot Footprint 1 Directional Monitors

I spent a lot of time listening on friend’s speakers, comparing and shopping around. After years of KRK I finally upgraded a few months ago and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t actually for real shed a tear the first time I heard them.

$3950 at Guitar Center


5. Ableton

This is the DAW I use. Pretty self explanatory. I’m on Version 10, groups inside of groups is lit.

If you’re interested in getting into music production, consider checking out Ableton live intro to get you started.

$99 at AMAZON $79 at Guitar Center


Ableton Suite:

$599 at Guitar Center


6. Serum + Serum Camel Crusher + OTT

For VSTs, these are the primary driving forces behind my mid range sound design (as well as stock Ableton frequency shifter and delay plugins).

$189 at ASDR


CamelCrusher Free Download Link

OTT on Splice Free Download Link

7. Soothe

Soothe is an incredibly underrated mixdown tool that is essentially a de-esser but far less susceptible to the high shelf cut type sound you might get sometimes. Great way to get rid of harsh high end while actually retaining high end. The entire KHS suit is phenomenal as well, also i cannot fail to mention the recent crowd favorite: disperser. Super cool for machine guns and any midrange bass that’s built around the idea of pitch bending. Also faturator is a super underrated distortion tool.

$219 at Soothe


8. AOC C32G1 32″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitors

Super handy for use with programs like VirtualDJ where I can use one screen to test doubles and the other screen to organize playlists or files while answering Twitter DMs on my main laptop screen. Endless possibilities and great workspace mental organizer, especially when I am already running 9-10 virtual desktops on each one. I also keep a pack of 50 BIC lighters on my desk so I am never without one.

$239 at AMAZON


9. Glass Collection

Aside from the importance of marijuana in both my lifestyle and creative output, I am an avid glass collector and love using a whole bunch of different pieces throughout the day. I love my Salt X Yheti collab, Mothership, Morton glass and Sherlock too. Sherlock and Morton are the biggest influences in my collection for sure. I also love Soberano as well.