Multi-Faceted Artist A. G. Cook Blesses Us With Massive 49-Track Album ‘7G’

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If you aren’t familiar with him already, A. G. Cook is the mastermind behind PC Music, one of the most groundbreaking labels working with Charli XCX, SOPHIE, Tommy Cash & more. As well as having a handful of other side projects, it’s a wonder he’s made time to release anything of his own, let alone this new 49-track album 7G.

The album compasses not two, not three, but seven parts of seven songs – with each focusing on one instrument : drums, guitar, supersaw, piano, nord, spoken word and “extreme vocals”. Described by Cook as “one of the most transparent, reflective and personal albums I could have made,” 7G gives us an insight into the mind of how Alexander Guy Cook conceptualizes art and music.

Even weighing in at around two and a half hours, it never ceases to keep you stimulated and entertained. Stream 7G below and enjoy!

A. G. Cook – 7G