A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer Shot In Head & Chest


Some unfortunate news out of Stockholm, Sweden this morning. A$AP Rocky’s Swedish lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilja was shot in the head and chest while leaving his apartment building this morning. It’s unclear if there’s any connection between the shooting and the highly publicized Rocky case. It’s a pending investigation and Lilja is a prominent lawyer so there may be other factors in play here.

Accoring to the Daily Mail, “Neighbors saw a person wrestle the lawyer in a stairwell, before the shooting and gave Olsson Lilja a phone to call the police, who have since arrested several suspects.“

There is an unnamed male assailant who is still believed to be at large. Among those arrested is is a senior lawyer who was previously banned from contacting Lilja. There isn’t much info at the moment but witnesses did see a black SUV speeding away from the scene while Lilja called the police himself. Stay tuned for more info on the developing story.