Above & Beyond Get Ravey with New Acid-Laced Single “Screwdriver”

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The beloved trio known as Above & Beyond has put out a few tracks this year, but this latest single is their first banger exclusively designed for the dancefloor. “Screwdriver” dropped today, and it’s sure to send shockwaves through the electronic community. This song is a vibrant number, bursting with punchy production and high-powered synths.

This song takes flight from the first note, with a frenzied and animated intro that builds and then eventually slowly winds down into strobing synthesizers. There is a quiet moment of sweet release before the drop, and then production explodes into a breakbeat section and even a little piano house. They manage to add their unique A&B twist that packs an extra punch and makes sure to maintain fierce bass. 

Above & Beyond tapped into their early rave roots for this one, incorporating all the classic sounds of a throwback warehouse party.

You can listen to the track below. Enjoy!

Above & Beyond – Screwdriver