Action Bronson Unveils His Fifth Studio Album ‘Only For Dolphins’

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It’s rare that we see an album roll out go from start to finish in about two weeks time, but lemme tell ya, I could definitely get used to this. Hip-hop heavyweight, Action Bronson, announced his fifth studio album, Only For Dolphins, a couple weeks ago, and today, the goods have been delivered via Loma Vista Recordings.

This latest collection from the New York native sounds like a world tour. A little bit of latin here, a little eastern there, a dash of reggae for good measure; AB went to the far reaches of the globe for his production inspiration and it worked like a charm. Each new track is like turning the page of book, starting a new chapter in a story that we’re just happy to ingesting.

There’s very little, if any, Action Bronson material that we don’t like, and it doesn’t look like we’re breaking that streak today. What can we say, the man knows how to deliver a vibe. Stream Action Bronson’s new studio album, Only For Dolphins, below. Enjoy!

Action Bronson – Only For Dolphins