All Sorts of Sick Rap These Days (2 Originals + 1 Lil Wayne mash-up)

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Today I've got rap from Canada, Australia, and…. a Lil Wayne mash-up haha. First up we've got a mashup for all the Lil Wayne and The Game fans out there. This one is a combination of two songs with Lil Wayne in then coming together for a sick Wheezy combo which features My Life and A Mili. Some people were really annoyed by A Milli, this gives it a different flavor. It's done by DJ Stroke who's making his name through Youtube and this was taken off of The Youtube Project album from DJ Stroke. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts on it.

A Mili vs My Life – Lil Wayne vs Lil Wayne ft. The Game (DJ Stroke Mash-up) | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download


Second up is a group from Canada of all places, Notes To Self has got a sick sound that reminds me of Cunninlynguists at parts. Although this song has kind a more serious tone, it is real sick, well put together. Pretty different sound then alot of rap songs coming out these days, give it a listen.

Notes To Self – Heirlines | Mediafire Download | Hulkshare Download


Lastly is a from a rapper I discovered earlier this year who goes by the name Urthboy is all the way from Sydney, Australia. I feel this song is very fitting with time of year, like the Summer Songs I posted earlier, which are just some chill songs with a summer feel. Well this one has got a very solid beat, and the rapping is sick, and his accent shines through at parts but not much. Give it a try, it's definitely different then most rap I have heard.

Urthboy (Shruggin Feat Jane Tyrrell) | Hulkshare Download