alt-J Wants to “Get Better” in Moving & Minimalistic Indie Song

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This is big for indie fans. alt-J started making new music again for the first time in four years, and today they dropped another single from their upcoming Dream album and also announced they will be touring in 2022. While we anxiously await the new record and the shows, “Get Better” will keep us satisfied.

Grab a box of tissues before pressing play on this track, as it’s a sad but beautiful acoustic song. The track is about death and grief and touches on the pandemic’s effects. Singer Joe Newman called it “emotionally the most honest song I’ve written”. His trademark croon, delicate and soft, tells a poignant story over a light guitar. It’s terribly tragic, yet they craft it in such a perfect way.

You can listen to this tearjerker below, and watch the animated video created by pixel artist Stefanie Grunwald. Enjoy!

alt-J – Get Better