alt-J Announce First New Album in 4 Years, Drop New Single

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Internationally acclaimed UK outfit, alt-J, is making big waves in the music world with the announcement of their first new album in four years, The Dream. The announcement comes with the release of the album’s lead single, “U&ME,” a winding downtempo alternative track just begging to be repped through your speakers.

The new track recollects the embellished experience of band member Joe Newman at the Sun Cycle Festival in Melbourne, Australia. A lightly chucking rhythm section lays out a crunchy base for the lithe lead guitar and the melodic drone of the lead vocals, creating a sweetly psychedelic sonic setting for us to follow the tinted memories.

This new single proceeds alt-J’s new album, The Dream, their first new project since 2017 album, Relaxer. The new material has been mostly inspired by a love of true crime podcasts according to Newman:

It’s part of the human condition, we’re all fascinated with the potential of those things happening to us, so we’re drawn to stories of it happening to other people. And it for me it’s where a lot of interesting ideas can come from.

Get your first taste of alt-J’s new music, “U&ME,” below. Enjoy!

alt-J – U&ME