Aluna, Diplo, & Durante Form a Super-Trio on New Single “Forget About Me”

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It’s quite common to see producers collaborate on music together, especially in electronic music. However, it’s much rarer to see three high-caliber artists get together on one single track. That’s exactly what took place when Aluna, Diplo, and Durante teamed up to create “Forget About Me.”

This tune features much of what you’d want from a super-collab. It’s catchy, upbeat, dancey, and with just the right amount of radio power to break through to any listener. Led by Aluna and her spellbinding vocals, “Forget About Me” will instantly pull you in, and keep you there with its deep, irresistible, housey groove.

With each release since the start of her solo career, Aluna makes a stronger case for electronic-led pop music. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

You can stream “Forget About Me” below. Enjoy!

Aluna, Diplo, & Durante – Forget About Me