AMAKA Creates An ‘Oasis’ On Afro-Centric Dance EP, Produced by KAYTRANADA

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AMAKA was once ½ of the R&B duo VanJess but is now pursuing her own solo musical journey. Her sultry vocals blend seamlessly with her patented ‘afro-futurism’ style, and she came to play with her new EP Oasis. Part of the reason she came to play? This project was produced by none other than the legend himself, two-time Grammy award winner KAYTRANADA.

This 6-track EP is perfect for a winding-down summer. “Cruisin” and “Leave It Behind” were singles that previewed this project perfectly, showcasing the upbeat but laid back vibes that AMAKA is coming strong with that KAYTRANADA helped put together. “Hold Tight” is equal parts mellow and bouncy, and “Undercover” is a daring combination of smoky vocals over a jolting beat.

Hear what AMAKA had to say about the project in her own words:

“An oasis by definition is a place you find and this oasis is one we can all find together; a vibe, an energy and a place people can escape to and let the music take them into feeling their most confident, free and thriving self. I wrote these songs on the journey to finding that place within myself and I hope listening to Oasis brings people to it too.”

AMAKA tapping KAYTRANADA as sole producer for Oasis gives the co-sign on AMAKA’s unique talent and musical taste from the boisterous tastemaker and serves up a vibrant genre-blending project that distinguishes her from all her peers. Stream the EP below and enjoy!

AMAKA – Oasis (Produced by KAYTRANADA)

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo