Amtrac Releases Highly Anticipated Album ‘Extra Time’

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As many artists experienced, the 2020 COVID lockdowns brought a wave of inspiration for those isolated in uncertain times. The last couple years has proven a product of this, with countless new albums releasing as a result. Lucky for us, Amtrac joins that list today, as he presents his subsequent third studio album, Extra Time.

A wave of nostalgia and child-like wonderment immediately hit us when we pressed play on this record. Amtrac’s undeniably infectious production soars on the entirety of the album, with luscious pads, perfectly crisp drums, and saturated bass plucks characterizing the sonic experience of Extra Time. As always, Amtrac’s melodic prowess shines brightly on each track on LP, whether that be through his own voice or carefully crafted synth leads. Equally as intimate as it is exciting, thought-provoking as it is carefree, Amtrac delivers what might be his most impressive album yet.

Amtrac shared his thoughts on the album, commenting:

I made this record to encompass what I was feeling during the times of uncertainty in the world, it helped me cope and was my outlet for everything I was going through. When the listener is done with this album I’m hoping to create the feeling of when you left the movie theater as a child and just saw something that made you think differently.

You can stream Extra Time at the link below, out everywhere via Openers, and secure tickets to Amtrac’s upcoming tour here. Enjoy!

Amtrac – Extra Time