Dive Into Lush Deep House On Amtrac’s New Single “Unanswered”

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A renowned name in the deep house scene, Amtrac has spent a decade serving up some serious tunes and playing at the biggest festivals all across the globe. He is showing no sign of stopping his roll any time soon, as he’s just put out “Unanswered” on his label Openers. It’s a bouncy little diddy that is rich in sound and his unique flavor and flair.

This is giving us major cocktail hour vibes. It’s an icy cool deep house song, with flickering synths and twirling chords creating a soothing but dancey disco rhythm. With a harmony this hypnotizing, it’s easy to close your eyes and get lost in this track’s perpetual groove. 

Take a listen to “Unanswered” below. Enjoy!

Amtrac – Unanswered