PREMIERE | An-ten-nae Showcases His Trippy Bass Sound On ‘Voices From Space’ EP

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With over 100 releases under his belt, An-ten-nae is already a well respected name in leftfield bass music. We’ve had our eye on the Oakland, California based producer for some time, but this brand new release is what really caught our attention. The release is called Voices From Space, and it’s different from anything we’ve heard from An-ten-nae thus far.

Voices From Space is a five track EP that marks a shift in An-ten-nae’s usual sound. While he’s known for his self-coined sound of “acid crunk,” this EP moves closer towards the genre of halftime (essentially slowed down drum & bass), drawing clear influences from Ivy Lab as well as Rezz.

Although An-ten-nae’s sound is evolving, it still retains its signature leftfield groove. Fans of his are going to love the new direction he’s heading, testing out the waters with different tempos, rhythms, and beat arrangements. This EP is perfect for a late night adventure deep into your own consciousness.

Check out the brand new EP, Voices From Space, below and enjoy!

An-ten-nae – Voices From Space EP