Anabel Englund Delivers Must Hear Debut Album ‘Messing With Magic’

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This one is a long time coming. Anabel Englund has been enchanting listeners for years with her soulful and sultry brand of house music, so it may surprise you as it surprised me that the American singer, songwriter, and producer has never released a full album of her own. Well today, that streak finally comes to an end as Englund delivers a red hot debut album titled, Messing With Magic.

“This album is about hope, love and connection. And it’s about being mystical, playful, exploring and being safe to explore,” Anabel mentions in an interview with Forbes. That mystical, playful nature shines through clear as day in this ten track collection, as well as a few flashes of elegant attitude and sensuality. Empowering layered vocals, dynamic four on the floor beats, and resonant production seamlessly bleeds from track to track, making this album a delightfully energizing and uplifting listening experience.

To me, magic is having hope that there is a better life, that there is the ability to be a better human, trusting in that and being that. Then evolving into that and seeing the results of that. So to me, it’s like messing with the highest power within yourself. -Anabel Englund to Forbes

Stream Anabel Englund’s long-awaited debut album, Messing With Magic, below. Enjoy!

Anabel Englund – Messing With Magic