Watch James Blake Drop An Unheard André 3000 Collaboration

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James Blake has been intermittently playing shows with his label mates over at 1-800-Dinosaur, throwing down DJ sets at select cities. Although we’re very interested to hear what a full DJ set from James Blake would sound like, we’re even more interested in a specific track that he dropped in Brooklyn last week.

Based on the video taken by a fan at the show, it seems as though James Blake dropped a never before heard track that features the vocals of the one and only André 3000. The video quality is not good, but Andre’s voice is unmistakable.

Could this track be a tease for an upcoming album of Blake’s? The two have collaborated earlier this year on André 3000’s “Look Ma No Hands,” so it’s certainly possible. We don’t know any details as of now, but we’re definitely hyped to hear a high quality version of this track in the near future (hopefully).

Check out the fan video below and enjoy! The André 3000 track starts at around 7:40.