Andrew Rothschild Soothes The Soul with New Downtempo Track “Lavender”

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One of our favorite Denver based artists Andrew Rothschild is back at it again to satisfy our craving for deep, organic dance music. This time, he’s dropped a dreamy new track called “Lavender.”

This track serves as the lead single for New Leaf, his second album to be released via Emancipator’s label Loci Records.

Intricately layered, “Lavender” is full of bells and deep tribal sounds. Lush chimes occasionally sweep through, the churning melodies melding to create a veritable jungle of sound. Over it all, Rothschild tosses in emotional vocals while a soft 4×4 groove keeps the track balanced and danceable.

Rothschild gave us a peak into the track’s creation, which was a happy mistake:

‘Lavender’ was a tune I made after I thought my album was finished to be honest. When I’m stuck mixing my tracks all day, I get bored and want to have fun making something new just to give my ears a break. This is one of those tunes that just flowed out over the span of a few days…The song was the effect of listening to the rest of the album on repeat for days. You can possibly call it a summary.

“Lavender” is an impressive taste of New Leaf. You can check it out using the link below, enjoy!

Andrew Rothschild – Lavender