Armani White & Sango Link On Must-Hear, Explosive Hip-Hop Collab “casablanco freestyle”


A rapper we’ve been incredibly excited about lately is Armani White who just linked up with one of our favorite producers, Sango, on their fire new collaboration “casablanco freestyle.” We knew Armani could rap… but holy shit did he go in on this one.

"Me and Kai played at a festival last summer and hit it off backstage. We’d been emailing songs back and forth and this one stuck! While making music like this is foundational and elemental for me, the music that’s part of project doesn’t sound much like this at all. this is my closing off on freestyle records for a bit” – Armani White

Sango has been known for his smooth, soulful sound, but hit us with an unexpectedly hard-hitting instrumental on this and it works perfect as he follows up his recent album In Comfort Of. Armani did not hold back, going in with a long, relentless verse changing flows throughout putting his incredible talents on full display. He recently shared a single “Public School” off a project that’s coming this year and followed it up by giving his fans a taste of his insane skill set. Stay tuned for more and enjoy!

Armani White x Sango – casablanco freestyle