ASHE Releases Two Dreamy Breakbeat Numbers with ‘Ninsei / Moth’

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Montreal producer ASHE is no stranger to the music world, with releases on some of our favorite labels like mau5trap. Today he is officially making his debut on TSIS with his latest double single Ninsei / Moth, released on his own label Ocean Dark.

This new two-tracker is comprised of a couple of dreamy, broken beats. Up first is “Ninsei,” a slow-moving and exploratory track. Moody breaks and wending chord progressions create an introspective trance. “Moth” serves as the more optimistic foil to “Ninsei.” It’s filled with the same thrumming, melodic sounds, but feels like a beam of sunshine after the dark storm of its sibling track.

Here’s what ASHE had to say about his release:

I finally wrote Moth after moving to Montreal and knew that it was the catalyst to finally releasing Ninsei. Ninsei is a city in the book the Neuromancer and loosely translates to Night City which I feel that the songs mood gives off. It went through several name changes over the last couple years but ‘Ninsei’ felt the most appropriate.

If being transported to faraway dreamscapes via music sounds like your kind of thing, make sure to check out this EP using the link below. Enjoy!

ASHE – Ninsei / Moth