Ashe Releases Highly-Anticipated Sophomore Album ‘Rae’

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Finding her sound through pop, rock, and electronic influences, Ashe began her career in music following a gymnastics injury that would alter the course of her life. Today, the dynamic artist releases her highly anticipated sophomore album, entitled Rae.

Ashe’s powerful, emotional vocal performances anchor this album’s trajectory, delivering new lyrical themes and deeply personal messages throughout. Having previously sung with the likes of Big GiganticWhethan, and Party Pupils, Ashe so gracefully transfers over to her original music with a sound unique to her.

Here’s what Ashe had to say about the new record:

Frankly, i don’t know if this is an album the world wants or not but i’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing i stand behind every minute and every lyric of this record. This is exactly the music i wanted to make. I wish you could have been in the room and felt the sheer joy we felt writing every song. If you’re reading this you probably already know how much love i have for you and for what i do and that this moment means more to me than life itself. That’s all for now.

You can stream Rae at the link below, out everywhere via Mom + Pop. Enjoy!

Ashe – Rae