Ashnikko Continues World Domination With Release Of New ‘DEMIDEVIL’ Mixtape

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If you haven’t heard the name Ashnikko yet, you better get familiar with it. The American singer/songwriter/rapper has taken over the internet over the past couple years with her songs, “Stupid,” and “Daisy,” in fact it’s almost guaranteed you’ve heard one or both of those songs on Instagram or TikTok. Today, the London based artist proves she’s much more than a viral sensation—she’s a genre blending musical badass on mission, with the release of her long-awaited mixtape, DEMIDEVIL.

2021 is off to red hot start with the release of this project. Tracks like “Toxic,” “Drunk With My Friends,” and “Little Boy” follow “Daisy”’s lead, oozing with titanic bass, no-holds-barred rapping, and contagiously confident vocals. Other tracks like “Deal With It,” “Slumber Party,” and “Cry,” put Ash’s passionately powerful vocal range on full display, while also tapping the talents of an impressive feature cast of Kelis, Princess Nokia, and Grimes. Finally, tracks like “L8r Boi” and “Clitoris! The Musical” flex the unfiltered, unfettered, unapologetic song writing creativity of the 24-year-old artist.

Ashnikko is the full package. She’s got the stand out persona, she’s unabashedly herself, and most importantly, she’s got an incredible sound. Get used to hearing the name “Ashnikko,” this girl is on a one way road to the top. Stream her bangin’ new mixtape, DEMIDEVIL, below. Enjoy!

Ashnikko – DEMIDEVIL