AUGUSTE Drops Dazzling Melodic Techno Single “Crystal Streams”


This next track is a whirlwind of a number that comes from the studio of Parisian producer AUGUSTE. He caught the eyes and ears of Swiss label Sirup Music last year, and now he’s back on the imprint to drop another track. “Crystal Streams” came out over the weekend, and it’s a supersonic techno cut with a mesmerizing melody. 

AUGUSTE manifests a magical and alluring experience in the song’s almost four minutes. Distant chords and an echoing vocal come in as the number unfolds and the percussion pushes things along. He layers more ambient and tribal elements over strobing synths and a sharp bassline, taking listeners through peaks and valleys of a hypnotic sound. It’s a cinematic story translated through the dramatic sound design, and it’s leaving us wanting to hear more from him.

You can play “Crystal Streams” below. Enjoy!

AUGUSTE – Crystal Streams