Autograf Shares Bright, Summery New Single “Easy” Ft. Papa Ya


Leave it to Autograf to bring us yet another feel good single to help thaw our winter chills. As the duo has continued to impress time and time again with their diverse, upbeat sound, today we’re feeling some summer vibes early with their new track “Easy” ft. Papa Ya.

Coming as the second single off their new album The Ace Of You, Autograf have switched things up a bit with this latest offering. With their recent piano focused single “Ain’t Deep Enough” still burning it’s way through dancefloors far and wide, “Easy” shoots straight for that late-night beach party vibe.

Featuring a groovy blend of soft, warbling guitar, punchy percussion, and bright, skittering flute all rounded out by Papa Ya’s passionate vocals, we’ll definitely be keeping this on repeat for the foreseeable future. Stream “Easy” below and enjoy!

Autograf ft. Papa Ya – Easy