Autumn In June Delivers Chilled Out New EP ‘Pretty Melancholia’


As stated in our coverage last month of Autumn In June’s new single “Wandering Around”, we were excited for it because it was an indication of bigger things to come for the L.A. based producer. And we were right, as he’s delivered a lovely, three-track EP entitled Pretty Melancholia.

All three tracks feature a production style uniquely his own, and one which refuses to settle into any classifiable genre. Another one of this talents is his ability to view some of the darker realities of life through a lens that provides a particularly ethereal aural quality. It’s not necessarily fun subject matter, but it’s certainly fun to listen to. This chilled out EP is an expansion on this idea, so if you’re a fan of finding optimism where there is normally pessimism, this album is for you.

Below is a link to the EP. Enjoy!

Autumn In June – Pretty Melancholia