Autumn In June Offers Must Hear Genre Blending Single “Pretty Wicked” : Indie / Hip-Hop

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We have great pleasure to introduce rising vocalist & producer Autumn In June. Hailing from South Central, this young artist has developed a sound very different from what you’d expect from someone who was raised in the violent and gang-ridden area of L.A.

This incredible talent not only sings, but plays every instrument as he produced, mixed, and mastered this new single in his South Central basement / studio. “Pretty Wicked” is a ballad very personal to Autumn inspired by all the women in his life he’s tried to impress while feeling drowned by his insecurities at the same time.  

His internal struggles and yearning desire to impress the girl he loves are evident in his songwriting as he sings “I've been, trying to hide it but I'm falling apart / Don't let it show, I want paradise.” The synth-pop laden production delivers a dreamy, catchy melody juxtaposing the song’s somber theme of being unable to keep up with the girl he desires. The perfectly placed pitched vocal effects add a depth to “Pretty Wicked” showing off Autumn’s ear for arrangement that has us anxiously awaiting new material. Lucky for us, he’s also announced his debut album is on its way so stay tuned for more info and stream his new single below. 

Autumn In June – Pretty Wicked