Autumn in June’s Expressive New Track “Stay” Keeps it Low-Key


Autumn in June‘s new track “Stay” is yet another soothing tune to add to his repertoire of mellow and introspective music. The LA based musician has been cranking out music lately, just two weeks ago he released the infectious “Want You Bad.” His understated pop stylings definitely fill a unique space among the whirlwind of new artists and releases.

On “Stay,” a subdued melody underlies his hushed voice, resulting in a low-key song to just vibe out to. He’s got a good thing going between his piano and voice, and is comfortable and expressive with his own musical voice. We love the honesty that comes across in his lyrics. His music can be somber but there’s hope in it, and we always love an artist that can feel something and translate that into music.

“Stay” comes off of Autumn In June’s forthcoming Cherry EP, out Friday, October 23.

Check the new single out in the stream below. Enjoy!

Autumn in June – Stay