Baauer Announces First New Album In 4 Years, ‘Planet’s Mad,’ Drops Two Thundering Singles

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Baauer is back—with a vengeance. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s been four whole years since Baauer dropped his 2016 debut album Aa. He’s remained steadily active since then, but has kept a general low-profile. Today, however, Baauer has burst back onto the scene with not only the huge announcement of his sophomore album, but dropping the lead singles along with it.

The new project is called Planet’s Mad, and these two new thundering tracks are 100% Baauer. The first one (the title track), “Planet’s Mad,” is a gritty, guitar laced, percussive banger that will relentlessly pound any set of speakers. The second, “Magic,” is a similarly drum-focused track but features a bit more atmosphere and synth work, showcasing some seriously impressive depth to Baauer’s sound.

Baauer’s Planet’s Mad will be 12 tracks deep and contain no features. It’s due out this summer, June 6. You can bet that we’ll be closely following the rollout of this project.

Check out the two new singles, “Planet’s Mad” and “Magic” below. Enjoy!

Baauer – Planet’s Mad

Baauer – Magic