Baauer Just Dropped A Full Length Animated Movie Alongside His New Album

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Over the past few months, Baauer has been dropping singles from his new PLANET’S MAD album paired with wonky animated videos. There’s something very alluring about these videos that made us crave more. Today, Baauer is treating us to a full, 40-minute animated film in that tripped-out style that goes along with the full album.

This is how the premise of the film is described in the description:

A strange, mystical planet appears in orbit above us overnight. Panic ensues, while a few among us congregate to embrace this sign from the stars. On the planet we meet a range of wonderful creatures suited to their environment. This is PLANET’S MAD…the second album from the twisted mind of Baauer.

PLANET’S MAD hits streaming services at midnight tonight, but you’ll able to hear the full project by way of this new film. Check it out below and enjoy!

Baauer presents… PLANET’S MAD (The Movie)