Baauer Throws An Upbeat Spin on Surprise Remix of Röyksopp’s “Unity”

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Röyksopp‘s album, Profound Mysteries II, has undergone quite the transformation over the past few months. The Norwegian duo has enlisted a total of four new producers thus far to flip tracks from the LP, surprising us this morning with a very special fifth. Baauer‘s rendition of “Unity” has arrived.

Baauer’s signature dance-forward production brings a bright new energy to the track, as he dives head first into a piano-house flip. The original vocals are showcased in a striking, ballad-esque style, maintaining the foundations of Röyksopp’s vision, and bringing it to life in classic Baauer fashion. Saturated breakbeats tuck neatly between interludes, leading into powerful four-on-the-floor house drops.

You can stream “Unity (Baauer Remix)” at the link below, out everywhere via Dog Triumph. Enjoy!