Baauer Teases New Album In Heavy New Mix For Triple J

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Baauer, who’s gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, Planet’s Mad, recently pulled up to Australia’s Triple J to deliver a massive mix full of 100% original material. This is a wild one from start to finish. 

His insane ability to pull you in so many different directions speaks to Baauer’s diverse approach to his music. Whenever you think you might know where he’s is headed, he shakes you right up again, which makes listening to his music like an unpredictable journey, full of all the best twists and turns. One second, Baauer has you running through a video game, and then suddenly, he has you pounding your chest like Tarzan in the middle of the jungle, and you hardly even know how you got there. 

Stay tuned for the drop of Baauer’s album Planet’s Mad coming soon. In the meantime, check out the full mix below. Enjoy!

Listen Here