BabyJake Shares Diverse, Immaculate Debut EP ‘Don’t give me problems, give me wine’

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BabyJake has been gaining speed very quickly in 2020. Having started out the year via a two-track release with Dillon Francis, the only way for the rising artist to go was up – and he’s continued the climb today with his impressive debut EP Don’t give me problems, give me wine.

Everything about this fresh new EP (including the incredibly relatable title) is fantastically well done. Weighing in at seven tracks, including the previously released “Confidant“, “MadHappySad” & “Head In The Clouds“, Don’t give me problems, give me wine is an immaculate sonic journey through love, pain, frustration and elation.

Get ready to be dropped directly into your feeling when you hit play on this. Stream BabyJake’s debut EP below and enjoy!

BabyJake – Don’t give me problems, give me wine