BabyJake’s Debut Album, ‘The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now,’ Is Full Of Swagger & Flare

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BabyJake is a modern day rockstar who carries the style, swagger, and spirit of the seventies, but still maintains a fresh fire. The Florida-born and LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer exudes enough star power to pull off a cowboy hat and flare jeans, but he’s also a byproduct of the times with a natural fondness for viral impact. This weekend marked a huge milestone for the upcoming artist as he released his debut album, The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now.

The album was recorded over the past year and a half in LA, and BabyJake co-wrote and co-produced the songs with various collaborators, including Bipolar Sunshine, Lizzy McAlpine, and Linda Perry, to name a few. The theme of the album is diversity as BabyJake weaves in and out of pop, rock, disco, and R&B. From his raspy rock n’ roll vocals on “Daddy’s Coming Home,” the luscious, trap-inspired “Roadtrips,” to the two-stepping “How To Boogie,” The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now has a little bit of everything and shows a remarkable maturity for the rising star.

Here’s what BabyJake had to say about the album,

“For me, the album represents crossing into a world of not giving a fuck what anybody thinks and showing I’m a human being. I’m going to dress how I want to dress, act how I want to act, and make what I want to make. If it works, great. Either way, I’m going to keep trucking along.”

Stream the project below and enjoy!

BabyJake – The Sun Wakes Up Earlier Now