BANGER Electro Party Song: Slave (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix) – Silver Medallion

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So The Girls Can Hear Us really are one of the best upcoming electro groups, and you guys loved the featured post on them earlier. Some people refer to them as LMFAO, but more talented. I'm not sure If I would say more talented, because well LMFAO is fckn huuuge, and it wouldn't have happened if they weren't pretty talented. Well, TGCHU really is one of my favorite up and coming groups, and this song really showcases their talent rapping, and as a sick BANGER electro group. They remix Silver Medallion's 'Slave' and completely turn it into their own song. Turn up the bass, and blast the song at a party or just driving around, enjoy!

Slave (The Girls Can Hear Us) – Silver Medallion | Download


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