Banji Evaluates Regret On Quirky Alt-Pop Single, “Dogbreath”

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Utrecht, Netherlands four piece, Banji, has caught our attention with their punky composition and high energy, genre bending sound. Is it alt-rock? Sometimes. Is it R&B? A little. Do I hear some funk? Probably. Depends on the song you listen to. Their latest single, “Dogbreath,” takes a leisurely Alt-pop stroll down a pixelated path of regret.

Production akin to that of a classic 8-bit video game immediately delivers us to brightly colored zone of light hearted quirk. It’s not until the tune evaluates a string of bad decisions leading to bitterness and guilt that we feel the underlying weight of introspection.

That kind of playful, wobbly delivery of sometimes heavy topics is one of the main reasons this Dutch group has landed in our scope. It makes the content relatable, digestible, and enjoyable, all while wrapped in a unique sounds. Stream Banji’s newest single, “Dogbreath,” below. Enjoy!

Banji – Dogbreath