Listen To Bassnectar’s First Highly Anticipated ‘Lockdown Mixtape’

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Bassnectar is back with his first release of 2020, and his first mixtape since 2019’s ‘Tempo of Dreams.’ Following the announcement of this year’s upcoming album ALL COLORS, Bassnectar’s first full length album since 2016’s ‘Unlimited,’ bass heads far and wide have been eagerly awaiting the first taste of what’s to come.

To say the first installment of The Lockdown Mixtapes is filled with gems is a major understatement. Highlighting the mixtape is the elusive Empathy VIP, which Bassnectar has been selectively rinsing in his shows dating as far back as 2014. Rather than this version of Empathy being an edit, it’s labeled as a “Bass Remedy” remix, which alludes to this iteration being a collaborative remix effort between both Bassnectar and Sound Remedy. Ask just about any die hard bass head, this is as good as it gets when it comes to coveted unreleased edits seeing the light of day. 

The Bassnectar team has announced an “Inside for the People” online audiovisual experience taking place tomorrow night at 9:00pm PST featuring exclusive art contributions from Android Jones, PHNTM, Antic Studios, & more. This will be as close as Bassnectar fans will get to a livestream from the bass don. Don’t miss it!

Stream the first “Inside For The People” mixtape below and enjoy!

Bassnectar – Inside For The People