Kendrick Lamar Collaborator Bekon Delivers Must Hear Indie Leaning Debut Album “Get With The Times”

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When Kendrick Lamar’s latest album DAMN was released, the production credits had an insane list of artists. One artist that confused fans, however, was Bekon, who was an unknown artist boasting seven credits on the album. Now that artist Bekon has shared his impressive debut studio album Get With The Times.

Bekon’s solo project isn’t exactly what you’d expect after seeing seven credits on DAMN, as he’s more of in the lane of indie or psychedelic rock than hip-hop. The thing that is immediately recognizable from his work with Kendrick is Bekon's voice. Anyone that has spent time with Kendrick’s DAMN will also recognize his song “America,” which was the original track sampled by Kendrick for “XXX”. Bekon’s slightly distorted voice is actually the first you hear on Kendrick’s album, singing “Is it wickedness? Is it weakness? You decide. Are we going to live or die?” as well as his vocals on “PRIDE.” singing “Love’s gonna get you killed, but pride’s gonna be the death of you…” in addition to other vocal contributions. The way the two originally linked up is also an amazing story.

Just a week before meeting Kendrick through a mutual collaborator, Bekon had coincidentally written a Kung Fu story that ended up being what bonded the two and was the starting point to their collaborations. When they met, Kendrick was watching Kung Fu movies and Bekon started telling him his story as if it were a real Kung Fu movie he had seen. Kendrick was immediately intrigued and asked where he could see the movie. When Bekon explained that the movie didn’t exist and he had just written the story the week prior, he showed Kendrick the soundtrack he scored for it and that was it, Kendrick said he wanted to work with him. The two then spent their foreseeable future finishing up DAMN together.

Before taking on the name Bekon, Daniel Tannenbaum was known as Danny Keyz. He worked with high-profile artists like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, RZA, BJ The Chicago Kid and more. Now he’s really found himself as a solo artist, and it’s amazing. Fans of Pink Floyd or Tame Impala will love this project as he delivers a trippy sound highlighting his whispy vocals and amazing production. He's unique in his own way that’s like adding aspects of modern production and hip-hop drums to classic Pink Floyd. Some songs on the album are interludes that sound like a movie score, while others like "Cold As Ice" and "Mama Olivia" are huge, cinematic songs that sound like they could be revitalized versions of b-sides to Dark Side of the Moon. Stay tuned for more from the talented artist and enjoy!

Bekon – Get With The Times