Ben Böhmer’s ‘Begin Again’ Receives 7 Powerful New Remixes

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Ben Böhmer‘s sophomore album, Begin Again, was one of the most well-received, beloved releases of the prolific producer’s career thus far. A collection of tracks that take the listener for a wild ride of emotions, fans latched on to the beauty Böhmer was able to create with his newest LP. Now, almost a year after the album’s release, Ben and Anjunabeats are proud to present their newest take on the acclaimed release, Begin Again (Remixed).

Fans will be delighted to find seven of eleven tracks from the original album reimagined for their listening pleasure. Böhmer has enlisted the talents of The BlazeHAAiMatadorRezident, Barry Can’t Swim, niina, and MEUTE, to take his already transcendent tracks to new levels. Each offering their own unique spin on these revered releases, Begin Again (Remixed) is a magnificent showcase of both the original production quality by Böhmer and the creativity of each and every remixer. Hopping on the ambient “Slow Wave” is The Blaze, who offers a warm, high-energy spin to the original, spacious track. Next to bat is HAAi, with her take on “Escalate,” giving a techno-infused twist to the vocal-centered bop. MEUTE closes out the lineup of remixes with their orchestral-infused rendition of the album’s title track “Begin Again.”

This diverse remix album catapults Böhmer into the start of the summer, adding to the list of tracks for him to play live across his upcoming tour dates.

You can listen to all of the remixes at the link below! Enjoy!

Ben Böhmer – Begin Again (Remixed)