Ben Böhmer Set To Perform Sunrise Set Over Turkish Canyons While Flying In Hot Air Balloon For Cercle

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The French live streaming channel Cercle has another wild one up their sleeve for next week. They’ve invited deep house maestro Ben Böhmer to perform not just in a hot air balloon, but while flying over the Turkish historical region Cappadocia. The set will also be happening at sunrise.

In their announcement of the event, Cercle mentions that a hot air balloon set has been a challenge for them, and they’re finally able to pull it off. We can’t even imagine what the views will be like this time. Paired with the music of Ben Böhmer, this will surely be another spectacle and an achievement for Cercle.

Cercle’s last live stream was their show with Disclosure, who played in a jaw-dropping Croatian national park.

Ben Böhmer’s performance will be streaming live on Cercle’s Facebook page this upcoming Monday, starting at 8:00pm PT. Stay tuned!