Fantastic Voyage Co-Founder Benny Bridges Shares Debut Album ‘The Duck Tape’

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Five years ago, Benny Bridges, along with Justin Jay, founded their eclectic, forward-thinking record label, Fantastic Voyage. A label launched with an emphasis on breaking free of genres, it’s only appropriate that Benny celebrates FV’s fifth birthday with a body of work that encapsulates that mission. His debut album, The Duck Tape, dropped on Monday, and it’s a groovy journey that swerves in and out of alt R&B, funk, lofi, and more.

We’d challenge anyone to find something that sounds like The Duck Tape. The Fantastic Voyage crew has prided themselves with offering projects that don’t sacrifice any form of expression, and that rings true throughout these 11 tracks. Some songs are a bit more accessible than others, but overall, this is an unforgiving stream of creativity that doubles as a delightful listen. Give this one a spin and bounce around the inside of Bridges’ brain for a bit.

You can stream The Duck Tape below. Enjoy!

Benny Bridges – The Duck Tape