BICEP Unleash Powerful New Track “CHROMA 004 ROLA”

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BICEP‘s CHROMA is undoubtedly one of their most ambitious projects to date, encompassing a multi-faceted concert series, newly launched record label, constantly evolving AV/DJ show, and all new visual identity. Oh, and brand new music, of course. The UK producers now share the fourth new single from their CHROMA series, “CHROMA 004 ROLA.”

The duo strips down all of the unnecessary fluff on “CHROMA 004 ROLA,” sticking to the basics and shining because of it. BICEP’s foundation of a booming kick, memorable spoken-word vocal line, and gnarly bass growls are more than enough to get the track thumping. As it progresses, “CHROMA 004 ROLA” transforms into a fast-paced, breakbeat-led heater, and more ad-lib synth leads are incorporated.

BICEP commented on the CHROMA project, sharing:

We wanted something dark and heavy to play as our first tune, as a stark departure from the Live show. It’s exactly what we’re wanting to achieve with CHROMA, a track written for the dancefloor with a specific idea in mind. It’s a chance for us to stretch our legs outside a traditional album cycle and focus purely on music for us djing. It feels really refreshing for us to write music and play it out that same week. It’s been really fun for us to let people hear a bit of a tougher sound from us.

You can stream “CHROMA 004 ROLA” at the link below. Enjoy!