BICEP Share Highly-Anticipated New Studio Album ‘ISLES’

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After three years of enjoying the intense euphoria of BICEP‘s self titled 2017 debut album, the Irish duo has put forth their follow-up project, ISLES. As BICEP rolled out single after single this past year, they showed us that they were continuing down the same path of utilizing ravey, breakbeat rhythms behind grandiose synth work.

Now that the album is out, we see it as a sort of sequel to their debut (even the artwork is similar), and we have no objections. When this type of music is blaring at a warehouse in the wee hours of the morning, there’s no chance of you running out of steam. Yet, at the same time, these could be songs that you could simply enjoy while watching an epic sunset on your own. From front-to-back, ISLES is packed with extremely powerful, versatile tracks that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Check out the new BICEP album below and enjoy!