Big Wild Enters A New Era With Sophomore Album ‘The Efferusphere’


Big Wild is a constantly evolving force, serving up new vibes and even completely new genres between releases. His last album, Superdream, released in 2019, winning over fans’ hearts and racking up hundreds of millions of plays between platforms. Just announcing his upcoming North American Tour to begin next week, and closing out 2023 with a bang, Big Wild offers his long-awaited sophomore album, The Efferusphere.

Created during the long periods of isolation from the COVID-19 outbreak, The Efferusphere is a product of deep self-reflection. Diving head first into his rock, indie, and psychedelic influence, the artist explores productions unlike anything he has released in the past. Standout track “Waiting Outside” blends Big Wild’s delicate vocal tone with an upbeat, bass-led groove, accented by synth and guitar plucks- an instant summer jam. The more intimate, laid-back “Applause” makes beautiful use of phased/flanged-out chords, forming a psychedelic wonderland for the ears.

Here’s what Big Wild had to say about the album:

It was scary to look at myself in an honest way when writing this album. Some songs came easy, the fun or sexy ones. I’ve always felt comfortable expressing joy. But other songs left me feeling naked and ugly. A few lines still sink an uncomfortable pit in my stomach. But I listen back and think “that’s me, that’s genuine.” Ironically, exploring an imagined place like The Efferusphere helped me create something more real. It’s liberating to share these songs with you and to have this album out in the world.

You can stream The Efferusphere at the link below. Enjoy!

Big Wild – The Efferusphere